Summit Home Fuel and A/C Services

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Boiler Installs

Save time & money with Summit Boiler/Furnace Installs. We work with contractors and home owners alike to assure a perfect cost effective job.

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Boiler cleaning and Tune-Up

Boiler tune & vac

Like everything else your boiler needs care and maintanance. Summit recommends that you service your boiler annually to keep your boiler operating safely and at peak efficiency.

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Cash on Delivery

C.O.D Oil Delivery Services

Today's oil rates can go up and back down. Summit keeps a close eye on the prices and manages to always stay competetivly priced. Give us a call for the best rate.

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Professional Experience

Central Air

Whether it is heating or cooling, we have the experience to service your AC home unit

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Oil Tank Install & abandonment

Oil Tank Services

Oil tank install, oil tank abandonment & oil tank removal. Whatever the need we are sure to help. Give us a call.

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Servicing Long Island for over 25 years

Always ready to serve you.

Services Overview

We service all brands of boilers and A/C equipment. We’ve been servicing the Long Island area, both Nassau & Suffolk County for over 25 years and will continue to do the same. We have been through the hard times and always weathered the storms to support our customers and community. We have a great online presence and thank our many customers for their continued patronage. Listed below is some information that may help you schedule a maintenance service.

3 Signs your boiler may need servicing

As you may have heard, it is important to service your boiler at least once a year. If you have not and your boiler is making some noises you aren’t sure about, perhaps this can help you.

Boiler Maintenanc

Boiler maintenance is important in keeping efficiency and reliability at its highest. Annual service appointments also keep the warranty of the product active. Many parts make up the boiler system and should be inspected once a year. These parts are listed below.