Summit Home Fuel, CO. Oil Tank Abandonment

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Summit Home Fuel, Co. Oil Tank Abandonment Services

Once a tank is found buried on the property home owners usually want nothing more than to immediately yank out the tank and return the land to its original clean condition. While this would be optimal it is generally impractical.

What We Do

Tank Abandonment

Underground tanks can be extremely costly to remove. Tank abandonment offers a clean, safe solution at an affordable cost. Summit home fuel follows EPA standards and regulations to ensure proper disposal of used oil and any other waste products from the tank.


Oil is first removed from the tank, we then excavate to the top of the tank , top layer of metal is cut away, the inside of the tank is further cleaned, sludge & liquids are removed, the inside of the oil tank is filled with sand or gravel, vent pipes are disconnected & finally the hole is backfilled.


The end result is a completely filled space that will never create a dangerous depression, danger zones or health hazards. If you have any questions give us a call.

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